New Books Coming Soon

I am delighted to announce that the final book in my Roman trilogy is finally on its way!  It’s called THE LOST TREASURE OF AQUAE SULIS and follows the further adventures of Felix and Catrin.  One year after their previous adventure at Hadrian’s Wall, they go to the city of Aquae Sulis (the Roman name for Bath) and find themselves in the middle of another mystery.  The mystery becomes personal and dangerous, but Felix and Catrin are determined to solve it.

Cover picture to follow soon.

As well as this book, three more new books will be published shortly, also by Hachette:

SANDY THE DOG is about a dog called Sandy who is teaching his family how to look after a dog.

THE HEN-DUCK is about a hen who thinks she is a duck.

THE NEW BABY is about a girl who wants the new baby to be a sister, not a brother.

My next new book is due out on July 11th, and it’s a retelling of a Cornish folk tale, called “THE MERMAID OF ZENNOR”.


It will be published by Hachette as part of their Reading Champion series.  It’s a lovely story about a mermaid who comes on to the land to hear a local boy singing in the church.