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I have always enjoyed writing stories, and I am lucky enough to have had some of them published.  I have written several books for younger children who are just learning to read, as well as several for older children who are more confident readers.  I like to write funny stories for younger children, but for my older readers I like to write about mysteries, and sometimes magic too.

You can find my books in my pages:

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Before I became a full-time writer I was a Primary School teacher, and taught in several schools, some in towns and some in small villages.  I taught all subjects, but my main subject was music.  I particularly enjoyed working with choirs and recorder groups.

I also worked for some years for a Dancing School as a pianist and receptionist, where I enjoyed getting to know the children and their parents.

I live in the lovely city of Bath with my husband, who was also a Primary teacher but is now a composer.  We have four children and four grandchildren.

Other things you might like to know about me:

My favourite colour is RED.  I have a lot of red jumpers, which make me feel really cosy in the winter. I also have several red hats and scarves, for the same reason.  Not to mention three red fleeces!

My favourite flowers are DAFFODILS.  Maybe it’s because I was born in the spring?

My favourite foods are CHICKEN, PRAWNS, RUNNER BEANS AND CHOCOLATE (DARK CHOCOLATE WITH NUTS IN).  But not altogether, obviously!

My favourite drink is TEA – I always have a cup of tea beside my computer while I’m writing.  Maybe it gives me inspiration?  But I like it very weak with no milk or sugar, so it’s a lovely golden colour.


Ever since I can remember I have loved reading stories.  Soon I began to make up my own, which was such fun.

This is me aged 6.  I’m surprised I wasn’t holding a book!  Maybe I was busy thinking up a new story…

Lynne Benton

All through the Junior school I read and wrote stories, and sometimes the Infant teacher would come to my class and ask if I would go to the Infant class and tell them a story.  Of course I went, and absolutely loved making up stories to tell them.  The Infants seemed to enjoy them too.

Now I sometimes wonder what they were – and wish I could remember them!

When I was eleven I went to the Grammar School (this was in the days before Comprehensive schools)  where I especially loved my English lessons, and discovered what fun it was to write verse as well as stories.  And a story in verse was even more fun!

Here is my very first published work:  It was the end of my first year, I was twelve, and we had to write a ballad.  To my delight, “The Ballad of Sir Gerald” was published in the School Magazine.  I felt very proud!

The Ballad of Sir Gerald

Sir Gerald was a handsome knight,
The bravest ever known,
He rescued damsels in a plight
And didn’t even groan.

Sir Gerald loved a princess fair,
Name Marigold, ’twas true,
A brilliant golden was her hair
And both her eyes were blue.

Baron Fitzwilliam, mighty lout,
Twenty stone was he,
He seized the Princess Marigold
And tied her to a tree.

“Ah, now you’re mine!” he shouted out.
Sir Gerald heard that cry.
He swore to slay that stupid lout,
To slay him or to die.

He stabbed the villain through the heart
And took his prize away.
And then, to keep his trusty word,
He married her next day.

Not very PC for these days, I’m afraid!  Poor old Princess Marigold clearly had no say in the matter!  However, in those days I wasn’t worried about that.  My “poem” was published!

You can also find out more about me from reading an interview I gave to the Author Hotline  www.authorhotline.com/lynnebenton


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