New Books Coming Soon

My next new book is due out soon, and it’s a retelling of a Cornish folk tale, called “THE MERMAID OF ZENNOR”.  It will be published by Hachette as part of their Reading Champion series.  It’s a lovely story about a mermaid who comes on to the land to hear a local boy singing in the church.  I don’t yet have a picture of the cover, but as soon as I do I will post it here.

I am also still busy writing the third book in my Roman Trilogy, “THE LOST TREASURE of AQUAE SULIS”.  As soon as it is nearly ready, or I have a cover picture to put here, I will be able to say more about it.  Meanwhile I never like to talk about a book I’m still writing – in case I change my mind about something when I’m half way through it!